Here are some of the turtle species we have documented and identified so far on the island. If you click on the picture you can learn all about them and why they are important to the islands ecosystem and us.

Turtles (marine)

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)



The Hawksbill turtle is part of the Cheloniidae family and is a critically endangered species. Distinguished by their sharp hawk like beak and saw-like appearance of their shell margins. These creatures can like to be 100 years old and their shell glows yellow, green and red under U.V light. They feed on coral sponges and jellyfish important for regulation populations and secondary succession.


Tortoise (terrestrial)

Asian leaf turtle (Cyclemys dentata)
Picture taken by Sophie Bossmann (WWS)


The Asian leaf turtle is part of the Geomydidae family.  This species is endemic to southeast Asia and inhabits land and land associated wetlands. They are omnivores and when they feel threatened they can project/ squirt the contents of their digestive system.




***Identification of these species has been made through, photographic documentation cross referenced with external specialists and identification books. Any errors in our database will be rectified upon notification, if you feel that we have misidentified any species please help us to improve our research through our contact us page. All people involved will be acknowledge in the website and reports***

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