Scientific Classificationwater-buffaloo

ORDER: Artiodactyla

FAMILY: Bovidae

GENUS: Bulbalus

SPECIES: Bubalus bubalis



Water buffalo species originated in South Asia, Southeast Asia and China. Since the domestication of this species it is also found in Europe, Australia and some African countries. Wild water buffalo are native to Southeast Asia however they are not native to the island, they were introduced by a local tycoon. They are usually found at ground level near wetlands, swamps and marshy areas where there are nutrient rich aquatic plants. They migrate across the island throughout the year, but you are best to stay well clear of these aimals.


Water buffalo Stand at 5-6.2 feet tall at the shoulder. They are formidable mammals with sparse gray-black coats. Males water buffalo carry enormous backward curving horns, females are smaller in size and have smaller horns. Juveniles will appear smaller and have smaller horns. Two types: river buffalo and swamp buffalo.


Water buffalo live in large groups called herds, following a hierarchy. The majority of the herd consists of females and their young offspring. Buffalo communicate through low grunts and calls. Spend a lot of time wallowing to cool down.


Females water buffalo normally produce calves every other year, with a gestation period of 9 to 11 months. Young buffalo bulls typically remain with maternal herds, which consist of around 30 buffalo, for three years after birth. They then go on to form small all-male herds.


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Water buffalo have been domesticated for more than 5,000 years. They have buttressed humanity’s survival with their meat, horns, hides, milk, butterfat, and power, plowing and transporting people and crops.


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