“Our mission is to protect the island ecosystem by educating its guests and residents the importance of habitats and species and offering alternative practices and regulations that support the ecology and the community”

– The Wonderful Wildlife of Samloem –

For those who are interested in the project and how we aim to meet our goals and objectives you will find below our project proposal containing all the relevant information regarding our projects goals and logistics.

Mapping Koh Rong Samloems ecosystem and the benefits it provides to develop more sustainable practices on the island and promote a more ecological mentality towards to the island

WWS Project proposal

If you are interested in supporting our project then please contact us through the ‘Help us & contact page’ where you will find a link to our gofundme account.

We are a self funding organisation and do not receive any corporate or government funding at this time so every donations makes a big difference to the project.

This is a continual project so our website will be regularly updated with new information and species, so be patient as some areas of the website may be incomplete.

If you have any pictures or information from or about the island please help us to improve our database by sending your information through to us via our contact page